Graduate architecture studio at Kansas State University with Prof. Torgeir Norheim, Fall 2010-Spring 2011. We are proposing a new master plan for the Norwegian city of Sandnes to mark their 150th anniversary, and developing architectural projects within the paradigm of the master plan.

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Neighborhood 11 mid crit presentation - Heidi Hyland

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Display boards for February 26th critique showing devilopment of neighborhood within SDR1.74’s Sandnes masterplan. The neighborhood should connect people to nature and each other while still being permeable.

Midcrit Compilation - Dylan Powell

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Thus far, my exploration has been associated closely with attempting to successfully negotiate and arrange the flows of infrastructure and pedestrians across Neighborhood10. As the setting of the current urban renewal within the city, this lends to the neighborhood the quality of being able to channel the intensity of flows into sustained innovation, establishing Neighborhood10 as the center of innovation for the city. Within this environment, the main node, the Library, becomes an imaginative social catalyst that sparks and facilitates exchange while simultaneously allowing the ability to reflect. The main piazza to the south, a major intersection of systems, thus becomes a more intense and energetic environment. 

You may download the full PDF of the documents here.

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An interesting video that has a lot of conceptual correlations to what we’re working on with the Sandnes Master Plan. The Strata Series is a series of videos by Quayola investigating topological connections between modern and classical art (among other things), by reinterpreting frescoes from the Grand Theater of Bordeaux. In the words of the creator(s), “The term ‘Strata’ defines a geological formation made of multiple layers of rock. Each one of these layers has its own individual characteristics and history, which combined produce beautiful and unique formations… The Strata project consists of a series of films, prints, and installations investigating improbable relationships between contemporary digital aesthetics and icons of classical art and architecture. [As in] geological processes, layers belonging to different ages interact with one another, producing new intriguing formations.”

2020 Park Competition: “Urban Peaches”

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SDR_1.74 recently had the unique opportunity to assist Prof. Torgeir Norheim with his entry for the 2020 Park competition - an office park located in the Stavanger/Sandnes area of south-western Norway. The competition called for entries to design “the region’s leading office park, and via innovative solutions… offer the building’s users the experience of environmental workspirit.” Our proposal, codename: Urban P.E.A.C.H.E.S. (Progressive Evolving Active Communal Healthy Ecological and Synergetic), responds with the concept of the Farmer’s Market, aiming to create an entirely self-sustaining social, economic, and agrarian ecosystem on the site. 

By linking the pedestrian flows from the residential neighborhoods to the southwest/northeast as well as the office developments to the southeast/northwest together in one space, the Farmer’s Market, a new mix of ancillary functions are allowed to develop that create a reciprocating system by in turn generating more activity throughout the site. Residential units are accommodated towards the existing residential neighborhoods (quiet areas), while the nightlife district and shopping areas draw pedestrians into the site via the proposed light rail line and stop on the west side of the site adjacent to Highway 44. 

In our endeavors, we were greatly assisted by small but intrepid bands of fourth-year students and third-year students at Kansas State, who selflessly assisted with the renderings and writings respectively.

The presentation boards can be found here.
The booklet can be ordered on or downloaded here for free.

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Partial video of our final critique from last semester. See the Vimeo page for more details.

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An interesting documentary on public housing developments in Amsterdam. There are quite a lot of others available on Hulu. Low-rise high-density housing that was marketable to the general public with private access to light and outdoor space was a key concern for the architects, planners, and developers. Much space was devoted for private boat docking as well. Reccommended viewing for everyone, regardless of profession or interest.

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Model photos of our 2,0 x 4,0 meter physical model of Sandnes. More on the way!

SDR_1.74 Final Presentation, Fall 2010

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Our final thoughts and masterplan for the fall semester, 2010 for Sandnes, Norway. We will continue to refine and adapt the neighborhoods at successively smaller scales in the spring semester. The PDF is available for download here. Let us know what you think!

A typical train ride by SDR_1.74 from Stavanger to Sandnes.

SDR_1.74 Norway Presentation

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Our presentation of our analysis, research, and conclusions of Sandnes, Norway thus far to the Fiuni School of Architecture in Stavanger, Norway and to Helen & Hard (this year’s visiting professors at Kansas State University’s College of Architecture). Pictures to follow soon!